Referenz / Reference: Business Mediation (Online)


"This is a letter of appreciation and recognition of Tobias Walke, who has served as mediator on industrial field, helping to resolve conflict inside of a high-tech company between my colleague and myself.

Tobias demonstrated his very high level expertise in professional psychology and his personal dedication to our long-term disturbing situation in the working group, which caused many difficulties in our professional team performance. Tobias is capable of very skilled English language communication. Due to our international environment our meetings ran in English.

After few first sessions with Tobias, our company management was pleasantly surprised with the unexpected quick improvement. With regular thorough approach Tobias succeeded to collect and analyse root causes of our frictions and consequently brought us to solution step by step.

My colleague and I are currently working cooperatively in the same company and provide with productive team-work, creating friendly environment and technical achievements permanently.

We both express a great many thanks to Tobias. His professional and personal services have our highest recommendations."

                Vice Director of ... Engineering, Company ..., Dresden